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Transforming How We Work Together

  • Building Capacity & Shared Understanding

    I firmly believe that by strengthening people’s technological skills will allow us to better work together to understand and collaboratively create more holistic environmental information for our challenges as well as enable the development of effective, locally-relevant solutions.

  • Participatory Mapping & Monitoring Techniques

    My participatory drone mapping and monitoring methodology workflow has been developed using 'off-the-shelf' drones, information communication technologies so that you can quickly learn how to plan & conduct drone surveys and easily create comprehensive mapping & geospatial data.

  • Collaboratively Creating & Widely Sharing Information

    My signature 'Participatory UAS' Approach allows you to create understandable information & effectively use your drone's mapping data to collect local knowledge but also leverage ICTs to analyze, summarize and widely share produced information using web-mapping and social media platforms.

All of my training courses include access to

To support your learning journey

  • Cohort Courses with Live Coaching

    All of my courses are run 'live' as 'cohorts' where you'll learn along together with a small group of students. Besides our class time together - each week I also host office hours to answer any of your questions. Additionally you'll have access to my private Facebook community where I share share any industry news & tips and the group can chat more about drones & we can celebrate our achievements together!

  • Archive of Learning Resources

    You will have access to my complete 'drone & geospatial' resource library that I have been compiling since 2015. My archive is updated quarterly and includes useful reports, users guides, documents, blogs, research articles, videos, podcasts, links to my favorite websites plus free online training courses - categorized by industry and applications for easy reference!

  • Checklists, Datasheets & Logbooks

    Ensure that your drone operations meet international commercial operating standards! Based on my Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) that I've developed for my own commercial drone operations - I will provide you with flight & equipment checklists, data sheets, pilot reporting logs as well as forms for evaluating flight requests, flight planning and maintenance procedures.

Dr. Kim Baldwin

Instructor Bio

Dr. Kim Baldwin is a marine ecologist and commercial drone pilot with over 20 years of experience conducting environmental field research and teaching in the Caribbean. As the Director of Marine Spatial Information Solutions, her mission is to enable people with the skills and tools to easily collect, understand, and create holistic geospatial information to collaboratively develop practical solutions to manage our environment. Dr. Kim has trained hundreds of people and large organisations across the Caribbean & California to safely fly drones, undertake commercial operations, and implement mapping and monitoring strategies allowing them to collect, analyse and widely share environmental information to improve collaborative management. Her stakeholder engagement and mapping techniques have been refined over the years, and she'll teach you a straightforward approach that can be easily applied to any industry-specific environmental application. Whether you're an individual, organization, or industry, Dr. Kim will help you leverage technology to improve your approach to environmental management to help make a positive impact in our world!

Dr. Kim Baldwin

PhD, MSc, BSc, Drone Pilot & Instructor

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“Kim is an excellent teacher and her drone training course was so beneficial to the Mustique Company. She customised the course to suit our needs which included conservation, operations, maintenance and security. I highly recommend this versatile course. Kim will teach you tips and tricks you won’t learn elsewhere!”

Environmental Manager, Mustique Co.

Nakita Poon-Kong

“Dr. Baldwin is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Her teaching approach was methodical, covering the background information on UAVs, their usefulness in research and the reasons for flight regulations. She was patient as we learned the basics of pre-flight preparations and flight with UAVs and was very effective at teaching our team the differences between and benefits of the available software. I would recommend training with her to anyone interested in using drones for research.”

Barbados Sea Turtle Project

Dr. Darren Browne

“Kim is a highly motivated, inquisitive, and independent scientist. Her passion resides in the merging of participatory research and stakeholder collaboration to improve applied environmental management. Kim has worked on several participatory projects over the years to produce information in a format which is both understandable and accessible to all stakeholders; thereby facilitating ownership, capacity building, equity, and collaboration to improve ecosystem-based management and strengthen governance in the Caribbean”

Centre for Resource Management and Environmental Studies (CERMES) of the University of the West Indies, Barbados

Professor Hazel Oxenford

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Become more than just a drone flyer!

Learn how to operate drones & geospatial technology professionally. I will train you how to apply internationally accepted commercial standard operating procedures so you use drone and geospatial ICT tools to effectively plan and conduct aerial surveys and obtain accurate geospatial data to create environmental information and improve your decisions. What are you waiting for? Lets talk today

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any other questions - please contact me!

  • How are you training courses different from other offerings?

    I am an active field researcher with 20+ years of experience conducting environmental mapping, geospatial analysis and monitoring surveys with a PhD in environmental management & Participatory-GIS. In 2016 I became one of the first 750 women to earn a FAA Part 107 commercial drone license in the US as well as hold additional UAS licenses in over 10 Caribbean countries. I have taught hundreds of people how to fly drone professionally as well as use geospatial mapping & analysis software for a variety of environmental management applications. Additionally I have a teaching credential & a trained facilitator so you can be sure that my courses are tried & tested and will provide everything you need to be successful as a drone mapping professional. Want to talk to a past student of mine - just let me know!

  • What if I have to miss a class?

    Although my course are run 'live' - all webinars, Q&A office hours and our group discussions are recorded and will be made available for immediate viewing. So if you miss a class (or just want to replay to review material) you can catch up whenever you have time! Plus hosting my course using a virtual training academy provides remote access 24/7 to all course materials & learning resources!

  • When does the course begin?

    Since my course are run as 'live cohort' training sessions - start dates vary & will depend on student enrollment (unless you decide to have me to run a private course for your team). At this point, I plan to run my comprehensive P-UAS package virtually twice a year. So feel free to either pre-enroll or subscribe to keep updated on the next launch!

  • Do I need to have a drone?

    If you are completing the courses 100% virtually - yes you should have drone (capable of mapping). Otherwise I bring a variety of different drones with me so you can learn about, test and determine which model as well as accessories are the most appropriate for your needs before you make an investment!

  • What about software?

    Depending on the course and your applications - we may use different drone and geospatial software packages...Most are free or low-cost and all offer free evaluation trial periods for use during the course! Plus as a geospatial educator, I have long-standing relationships with ESRI’s Education Conservation Grant Program and am also ‘Drones for Good’ Partner with the Drone program and can negotiate special discounted rates for government / public sector and non-profit agencies. Similarly I have strategic business alliances with the leading drone equipment supplier (Drone Made Easy). I also offer drone provisioning services including support for logistical considerations & international transportation of equipment to the Caribbean. Please let me know if you need more information!

  • Do you offer discounts or payment plans?

    YES - please contact me about payment plans as well as discounts for non-profits, government agencies, community groups & students. I am also always looking out for funding to support projects and scholarships. Please contact me to discuss your needs!

  • Do you offer private in-person training courses?

    Absolutely! Any of my courses can be delivered in-person (at your location) and packaged for your organization's exact needs and available budget. Please contact me for more information on my group discounts, in-person training as well as my longer-term virtual coaching components where I will help oversee and guide your team throughout your implementation.

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